How do your sizes translate between meters, feet and inches?

These refer to the maximum sizes we recommend a specific piece gets printed. These max-sizes refer to print on paper, metal, glass/film. On canvas a bit larger might be ok, as the texture of the fabric will make the design more loose anyways.

when you view a image it shows the high resolution printing size in 300 and 150 dpi. You also have the option to print larger with lower resolution

100cm / 39.37 inches / 3.28 feet

200cm / 78.74 inches / 6.56 feet

300cm / 118.11 inches / 9.84 feet

400cm / 157.48 inches / 13.12 feet

500cm / 196.85 inches / 16.40 feet

600cm / 236.22inches / 19.68 feet


How does art-licensing work?

We provide you with the print-ready digital art files, and you have everything printed at your preferred fine-art print-vendor, on the substrate you choose. Printing, framing and installation happens locally, near your project-property.


What usage rights does a purchase of an art-license provide?

We charge for the one-time use of the digital file, based on the size at which it gets executed. Different sizes command different prices.


How will you send me the art-file?

We provide print-ready digital files to you, at the size you specify, via HiDrive or WeTransfer. We can also upload art-files to a print-studio location the of client’s or their print-vendor.

How often can I use the print-ready art-file?

We charge for the one-time use of the digital file, based on the size it gets executed at. If you want to print the artwork multiple times, please specify the quantity. We will reflect that I the art-licensing agreement and provide pricing accordingly.

What is an art-reproduction agreement?

It is a contract between the artist, and/or their agent, art platform and the buyer of the art-license, which stipulates the rights to print a given art-file.

On which types of substrates / materials has your art been printed?

Our art has been printed on canvas, paper, metal / alu dibond, glass, acrylic / plexi, film, wood. Each material will create a unique look.

I need even larger formats. Can you help?

A wide selection of grand-format Art for Interior Design can be found at With these design-oriented works, there are hardly any limits to the format. Our files allow printing with edge lengths of up to 165 ft. (50 m) and more.


Do you have experience with providing large-format data for art?

Yes. We have been dealing with the subject of large-format reproductions for many years and have developed a technique by which we can render works of art reproducible even for very large formats in high quality. Edge lengths of up to 13 ft. (4 m) are possible. Some artworks can be printed even larger.


Do you ship finished, framed, large art-prints?

We work with clients globally. To address the time and cost aspect of shipping finished art across long distances, we provide art-licenses, the right to receive and print digital art-files. Our clients acquire a license to reproduce the artwork in the desired format and quantity. Clients have the image printed and framed locally by the fine-art print vendor of their choice.

I have a client presentation. Can I copy an image from your website?

If you want to pitch our art from your client’s interiors-project: You can copy a small jpeg, to use the image for a client-presentation, sales-call. Please check with us prior to using any art for your own marketing purposes on any media (website, newsletter, social media, print-media, etc.)

I need to see the full-resolution quality of the art-file before I purchase. Is this possible?

Yes. We can provide you a small section of the art-file, in full-resolution, so you can view it on screen, or do a test-print of that area.

How Do you accept payment?

Simply put a check in the mail or initiate a bank transfer. At this point we are not accepting credit-card payments.

Does the art show an artist-signature?

We will deliver print-ready digital data of the art, at your specified size, and with a delicate artist signature placed, unless you tell us you want a no-name piece.

I am located outside of Germany or the USA, can you provide art for my building?

Yes. Petra Trimmel | Art-Y-Sana is our US representation and handles global project-management. Learn more at or Simply tell Petra the images and sizes you are considering for your project, and she will provide you a price-quote for art-licensing. We deliver the print-ready data to your preferred fine-art printer, in your country.