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FineArt-Licensing is an art resource platform headquartered in Berlin, Germany with global representation. A woman-owned business, FineArt-Licensing serves the art-licensing needs of the hospitality, corporate and healthcare sectors around the world. Our artists offer their artistic talents, and unique visual solutions to for interiors spaces. Our represented artists have decades of experience in creating art and taken viewers and clients on their successful journeys.

YOU ARE: Interior designer, interior architect, art-consultant, print-on-demand publisher or private collector interested in contemporary art.

YOU SEEK: Original art and their large format fine-art print reproductions (4 m /13 ft and more ) for hospitality and workplace settings.

WE OFFEr: High quality, large-format, print-reproductions of works by well-curated international artists. Browse our portfolio*, select the artwork of your choice and art-license the high-res print-ready art-file

*FineArt-Licensing.com just launched and we are busy selecting artists, preparing curated artworks for top-quality art-licensing and diligently expanding our portfolio. Stop by regularly to see brand-new artworks added. Let’s talk: Contact us with questions and special requests.


Enlargement of a picture does not simply result in the picture’s larger format. Instead, a completely new picture is created which shows what the artist did without knowing about and without intending to do. Straight lines suddenly show bents, untouched areas uncover dots, monochrome elements reveal irregularities, etc. Enlargement adds to the picture’s content. Puts contents into different coherence without eliminating the original idea. The former background becomes part of painting and creates a new background. Thereby, the picture partly escapes the basis for criticism of craftsmenship. Other details gain weight. Other constellations catch mind and remembrance. The overall composition affects in a different way the room where it is present.


Isabella Trimmel currents_24


What our clients say

“FineArt- Licensing’s artists always provide us with high-quality imagery in unique art styles. Their amazing look brought fresh air into our most recent space. Our clients loved the new look we were able to deliver. Great collaboration!”

Tom B. art-consultant

“Interesting look, new designs, intriguing concepts: We chose art of relaxed, modern elegance via FineArt-Licensing, which allowed us to create magnificent interiors.”Silva N.

Silva N. art-consaltant

I really like these fluid movements in the work of Hanna Frenzel. It brings color and relaxation to our office. Looking at it relaxes and inspires me.

Philipp E. architect

We are very happy with the high res art files, The print has really a great quality and it’s easy to work with.

Andreas S. print-on-demand publisher
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