At FineArt-Licensing, our strength lies in finding and offering, stunning, well-curated fine-art, digitized for procuring an art program via art-licensing. Our artworks can be applied for a broad spectrum of applications. Our clients are architectural and interior design firms, hospitality groups, healthcare, corporate, purchasing agents, brands private collectors, and more. We are excited to meet clients’ needs and fulfill their creative vision.

So far so good. Now we know the logistical problem of shipping such a large image.
Therefore, our customers acquire a license to reproduce the artwork and receive a printable file for the desired format from us. You have the image produced on site by the print shop of your trust and also save valuable time.

How does it work?

  1. Choose an image from our art-portfolio.
  2. Specify the desired size and quantity.
  3. Receive the print-ready art-file.

It’s that simple at!

FineArt-Licensing is passionate about the world of art and our designs’ function in enhancing your place, your interior environment. Our artists and project managers collaborate with clients to enhance a space with well curated artwork.

I need even larger formats.

Artist Rica Belna: A wide selection of grand-format art for interior design can be found at With these design-oriented works, there are hardly any size-limits. Some of our files allow printing with edge lengths of up to 165 ft. (50 m).


Petra Trimmel | Art-Y-Sana is our US representation and handles global project-management. Learn more at or