Stephan Denkendorf

Discord with reality

Of course, birds look different. Plants. Humans. But as soon as they are drawn they exist nevertheless. Any image of our so-called reality suffers of sterility: even its disposition is sterile already. Reality always leaves something to be desired. Therefore, reality should be given different chances.

The technique of these works of art conforms to what is at hand. Acrylic paint, oil paint, crayon, colored pencil, lead pencil, bark, soot, dirt.
The artist’s fingers are just as little sterile as his way of looking at the visible and the invisible. For me drawing is nothing periodical and no obligation. Neither is it diversion nor playing around. Creating art is a force urging me in certain moments to catch a picture of life in a way nobody otherwise catches sight of.“

Stephan Denkendorf works both as an artist and as a writer in Austria, near the capital Vienna.